Rare Audrey Hepburn’s exclusive interview with Luca Dotti on the upcoming Audrey Exhibit: Beauty Beyond Beauty.

What is the objective of this Exhibit?

Luca Dotti: For many years now the Audrey Hepburn Children Fund has held exhibits relating to the life and legacy of our mother, Audrey Hepburn.

Their scope is to both raise awareness and funds to support our programs towards children in need. 

We are nevertheless concious that to draw this attention the more intimate and fashionable aspects of our mother’s life need to be part of the equation.

She successfully accomplished this by “using my voice and face for those who don’t have one” during her years with UNICEF.

We try to keep this effort alive.

Why the name “Beauty Beyond Beauty”?

LD: This name, forged by director Choi, our Korean partner, talks directly to the public that sometimes focuses only on her aesthetics, while her legacy is more than skin deep. Our mother believed we are attracted towards a flower or an apple because they are the promise of life. Hopefully Beauty Beyond Beauty will lead the visitor to understand this simple message, by following her life from that little girl who managed to survive WWII, to her careers as a movie star, mother and finally as UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

What can we expect to find at the Beauty Beyond Beauty exhibition?

LD: Beauty beyond Beauty, the first exhibit on Audrey Hepburn in South Korea, will focus on Audrey Hepburn’s inner and outer beauty with a special emphasis on her devotion as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador to the world’s children.  Its focus is to lead the Korean public, generally more familiar with the aesthetics of Audrey Hepburn, to discover her compassionate spirit and example, without forgetting the full picture, where fashion and cinema played a central role and is certainly a big draw for the visitor. 

Amongst the items are more than twenty Givenchy’s couture items, the original 1952 Vespa from Roman Holiday, jewelry, family archival photos and home videos, personal items from Audrey’s home such as her silver and dinnerware, most of those displayed for the very first time. The exhibit’s original design, along the exhibit’s home, the DDP complex (2014) designed by Zaha Hadid, will both play a major role in creating an emphatic warp.

Opening November 28th 2014
Seoul, South Korea

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